Here is a selection of different types of life drawings, in no particular order, from the last ten years.  I’ve never tried to find a consistent drawing style, because for me there’s no right or wrong way to draw.

Most of these are very unfinished, but running out of time is normal when you work with a live model in short sessions.

In case you are wondering, ‘Lyra Pencils’, or more accurately ‘Lyra Farb-Reisen Color Giants’, are a brand of  thicker than usual – 6.25mm ‘lead’ – wooden coloured pencils made in Germany, and they are much loved by kindergartens.  They are fatter to hold and they draw with a very smooth and creamy feel.  Most good art shops can get them for you if you order a box or two at a time.  Or, they have a website, if you can read German,