Three Graces: Handmaidens of the Aphrodite Beach Surf Club

In Greek mythology, the handmaidens of Aphrodite, daughters of Zeus, were Aglaea, Euphrosyne, and Thalia, more popularly known to us as ‘The Charities’ or the ‘Three Graces’.  In art throughout the ages, they are traditionally shown posed in this sort of grouped arrangement.  My updated version of this classical theme is a lifesize triptych, in which they are portrayed as comic book characters on an Aussie beach.

Acrylic on canvas: 1830mm x 1830mm – Three panels, each 610mm x 1830mm

St. Meredith

Byzantine mosaics used this sort of gilded halo to indicate the sacred or divine nature of the subject portrayed, whose gaze is usually piously directed heavenwards.  It can be a beautifully decorative framing device, but here I have married it with a very prosaic and distinctly not holy subject, whose gaze is much more direct and confronting.  This painting is a maquette for a mosaic I haven’t yet got around to making.

Acrylic on canvas: 915mm x 610mm