These simple line studies are like drawings made out of galvanised steel wire, bent, soldered, primed, painted matt black, and mounted into blocks of varnished timber.  They are sculptures that are not truly three-dimensional, as their form disappears when you look at them side on, but they are freestanding and not fully flat and two-dimensional either.

They look best standing close to a plain light-coloured or white wall, or against an opaque glass window or a backlit lightbox.  At first glance they appear to be drawn or etched onto the surface behind, until you get closer and realise the images have been drawn with wire in the air.  They are quite robust, yet delicate, so when you touch them or move them they animate with wobbles and vibrations, which is not a thing a drawing will usually do.

The smaller ones are embedded into Tasmanian oak, the larger ones set into lengths of 90x90mm laminated Australian hardwood.